Before Winter Hits: Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

Winter storms are rapidly approaching us—but is your property ready for it? With the autumn season comes wind storms, heavy rain, and occasional ice. Having your property ready for the cold season is important to keeping your structures safe. Part of this preparation is an annual inspection of your trees to avoid emergency tree work.

One thing to consider is the health of your trees. Trees that have cracks in them, dead branches, or show signs of sickness of infestation of pests may need to be trimmed, or even removed.

But how can you tell whether or not a tree is dangerously ready to drop a branch through your dining room window on the next gusty day, or if the whole structure is getting ready to collapse?

Tree Removal and Tree Trimming Services

That’s where our team of tree service experts comes in. Our certified arborists have been trained to accurately see which branches or trees present a hazard to your property. We love trees, and it is always our focus to keep trees healthy and naturally beautiful. But we are also realistic—we know that sometimes a tree presents a danger to your home, your property, and even your family.

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When this is the case, our tree pruning and tree removal services are the way to go. Here are some signs that you may need your tree attended to:

  • The tree is dead — Dead trees can fall or drop limbs on your home, your vehicle, or passersby, creating a huge financial and health risk for your family.
  • The tree is unhealthy — Sick trees can not only infect other trees around them, but they can also drop limbs or fall if the decay becomes serious. It is better and safer to remove the tree before it dies, as a dead tree is more dangerous to have on your property, and more difficult to remove.
  • Major storm damage — Large storms can severely damage trees, to the point that removal is necessary.
  • Dangerous proximity to buildings — Trees located too near buildings or power lines can be dangerous. If a large storm comes or the tree becomes unhealthy, it could drop limbs or fall on these sensitive structures.
  • Roots threatening buildings — Spreading roots can damage the foundations of the buildings on your property, break utility lines, or crack driveways and sidewalks. It’ll be a rough winter if those roots finally break through your sewage pipes!

These are just some of the signs that your trees may need some winter-time attention. Each year in Snohomish County there are quite a number of injuries and a substantial amount of property damage sustained due to trees falling or dropping limbs on homes. The cost of repairing such damage is usually significantly more than the costs of preventing the damage in the first place.

Consider contacting our office to schedule a free estimate with one of our certified arborists. We can provide you with information on the safety of the trees located around your property, as well as give you estimates for the cost of pruning or removing the trees that pose a threat.

Lets all get ready for winter!

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